District 86 Referendum Information Night hosted by the Hinsdalean : Unedited Version

In this special edition of the Spinsdalean, we are publishing complete, unedited audio from the District 86 Information Night hosted by Hinsdalean on October 17. The run time is about an hour and 25 minutes. Please excuse background noise and ambient conversation. We will also offer an episode with Pam Lannom of the Hinsdalean summarizing some of the highlights of the night.

HPL’s 125th Anniversary

What do Cracker Jacks, brownies and HPL have in common? We are all turning 125 this year! In this episode we spoke with two Library employees who have spent time learning about the Library’s history and the time in which it was founded. Special thanks to the Hinsdalean for the feature insert in their September 27th issue.

Also, thanks to Matt Stockmal for putting together this slideshow video for us featuring HPL through the years.

The Finals Episode with Alisa Messana

Summer is coming, but first students have to get through projects and finals. This time can put a strain on students and parents so we wanted to talk to someone about recognizing and managing stress and anxiety. Alisa Messana has years of experience with children and adolescents and is now a mental health consultant. She is also a Hinsdale parent. Here’s our conversation.

Eating well and staying focused with Christine Trainer

Six weeks into the new year seems like a good time to revisit some of those goals we set for ourselves in the heat of the new year. Adult Services librarian, Emily Borsa, interviewed author and Board Certified Integrative Health and Wellness coach, Christine Trainer of Red Integrative Health to talk about how to get started on healthy and immune food habits and staying focused with vision boards. Find out more about Christine and Red Integrative at www.redintegrativehealthcoach.com.

Christine will return to HPL on Tuesday, April 10 presenting “Spring Reset – Kick Sugar to the Curb.” Register here: http://hinsdale.libnet.info/event/575491

The College Episode

Mike and Cynthia talk to two 2016 high school grads about their experiences and expectations of their first year in college and three 2017 high school grads about their hopes for their first year in college.  We also introduce a new segment called Stacking Up that looks at statistics and Hinsdale.

Our first minisode! Fusion

Cynthia talks to Lisa Knasiak about Fusion, the Library’s all ages program on Saturday, September 16. This year’s theme is Oil + Water and in addition to programs featuring oil or water, Schools Count will be on hand to accept donations for hurricane relief in Texas and Florida.

All the 4th of July

Mike and Cynthia explore the past and present of the 4th of July in Hinsdale – donkeys and turtles and books. Find out a secret to winning a turtle race, how the Village came to run the parade, a coincidence spanning a century and how to get a book from the Library’s float (spoiler alert: just show up!)

Spinsdalean – Origin

Two Hinsdale institutions, the Hinsdalean and the Hinsdale Public Library, decided to work together to create a community focused podcast. The Hinsdalean recently celebrated 10 years of offering quality community journalism in Hinsdale. In our first episode, librarians, Mike and Cynthia sat down with the founders of the Hinsdalean to find out how they became involved in journalism and in Hinsdale. Not surprisingly, it is the people of Hinsdale – their stories and images that are at the core.