All the 4th of July

Mike and Cynthia explore the past and present of the 4th of July in Hinsdale – donkeys and turtles and books. Find out a secret to winning a turtle race, how the Village came to run the parade, a coincidence spanning a century and how to get a book from the Library’s float (spoiler alert: just show up!)

Spinsdalean – Origin

Two Hinsdale institutions, the Hinsdalean and the Hinsdale Public Library, decided to work together to create a community focused podcast. The Hinsdalean recently celebrated 10 years of offering quality community journalism in Hinsdale. In our first episode, librarians, Mike and Cynthia sat down with the founders of the Hinsdalean to find out how they became involved in journalism and in Hinsdale. Not surprisingly, it is the people of Hinsdale – their stories and images that are at the core.